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A revolutionary new concept in fat reduction. It is non invasive and uses cooling technology. Patients have very little or no down time and its natural looking smoother contours are much more affordable than surgical liposuction.

The fatty area to be treated is pulled up by suction and held between 2 cooling plates. A treatment session will last 45 minutes to an hour. Results become visible between 2 and 4
months after treatment resulting in up to 25 percent reduction in the fatty area. The treatment can be repeated but needs a 3 month interval between treatments. This allows the body to naturally remove the fat by metabolism. Side-effects are usually temporary but can last for a few weeks. They can include redness, soreness, bruising, tingling and swelling. They vary from person to person and also by area treated.

Please ring: 01302 768706 to book your £20 consultation.

This will be redeemed against the cost of a Cryolipoysis treatment if booked on the day of the consultation.