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Weight Management

If you are over weight you have probably tried many diets over the years. Each time thinking that this is 'the one' that works... To be faced yet again with failure.

Everyone is now faced with a 'diet' overload. Each week a new fad diet comes along that seems to be the answer to obesity. Each time each diet results in failure.


The approach here at Thorne Road is to help you get rid of weight using facts not fiction. It is an approach that will help you recognise:

1. That you eat too many calories even though you were convinced you eat 'like a bird'.

2. The nutritional value and food, that its not just the calories you consumer but the type and quality and those calories.

3. A way and 'eating for life' that is personal to you. A way of losing weight and maintaining that loss 'for ever'.


We will look at your physical self and take a good hard look in the mirror.

If you are over-weight you will be conscious of all the information out there on the dangers of being over-weight but do you really know what that means to you. Why is it so important to maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise is also a part of maintaining a healthy weight. This does not mean sweating it out for hours in the gym. But it does mean that you need to understand why exercise is important and what type of exercise is best for you.

Kick start your new lifestyle!

Expect hard work.

Expect to feel hungry at times.

Expect a shift in the way you view food.

Expect home truths.

Expect to lose weight.